Use your own power grid.
Intelligent storage systems based on vanadium redox flow technology.

CellCube. The storage system for intelligent power supply.

The CellCube energy storage system is regarded as a milestone in the history of regenerative energy
management. Whether in combination with photovoltaic, wind power stations, biogas generators or in parallel
grid operation – the vanadium redox flow energy storage system guarantees uninterrupted power supply.
It is independent of weather fluctuations, temperatures, length of day or unstable grids.

The CellCube energy storage system allows a clean, emission-free and quick provision of power, can be charged very quickly and is ready for use immediately. It distinguishes itself through high safety, storage stability and very fast reaction times and can be incorporated into existing energy systems worldwide in numerous application fields. Best service, absolute safety and reliability! Sophisticated technology, proven components, intelligent sensors and control functions ensure that the CellCube is absolutely low-maintenance. With the flow energy storage system controller a clever monitoring instrument provides comprehensive control and guarantees safe provision of power around the clock.

Highlights CellCube

  • High safety, non-flammable, non-explosive
  • Practically unlimited cycling
  • Scalable up into the MW-range through simple parallel connection of multiple CellCubes
  • CellCube is 100 % capable of deep discharge
  • Turnkey energy storage in weatherproof and securely protected housing
  • Up to 80 % efficiency
  • Holistic system solution, including specially coordinated inverters, thereby allowing connection to different energy sources
  • Remote or online maintenance is possible
  • Central temperature management
  • Optimal operational characteristics through intelligent battery management
  • Standard freight containers allow simple and cost-effective transport
  • Vanadium is environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • Spontaneous reaction to load demand

CellCube application fields

  • Grid support: For the stabilisation of low voltage and medium voltage grids; as energy reserve; for smoothing out peaks (compensation of load and generation peaks)
  • Backup: Use as inline UPS with frequency and amplitude decoupling; leading edge system safety
  • Wind and solar parks: As buffer to smooth energy output and to compensate for fluctuations; higher contract security due to energy reserves in times of reduced power
  • Re-powering: Investment protection - CellCube ensures constant supply, even after amortisation of the wind or solar park

CellCube - The modular solution for every application.

Flexible, modular and individually applicable - that is CellCube, the redox flow energy storage system based on vanadium. The modules of the individual CellCube families can be combined simply and quickly, depending on the requirement. This is the basis for a flexible, tailor-made implementation and a wide range of power output from the kilowatt range to the megawatt range.

Available power and storage capacity

Power output(kW) Storage capacity (kWh)
CellCube FB10 10 40 70 100 130
CellCube FB20 20 40 70 100 130
CellCube FB30 30 40 70 100 130
CellCube FB200 200 400 800 100 1600

CellCube - combination examples

FB 10-100
10 kW, 100 kWh
2x FB 10-100
20 kW, 200 kWh
1x FB 10-40
1x FB 20-70
1x FB 30-130

60 kW, 240 kWh
2x FB 10-40
2x FB 30-130

80 kW, 340 kWh
FB 200-400
200 kW, 400 kWh
FB 200-800
200 kW, 800 kWh
FB 400-1600
400 kW, 1600 kWh
FB 400-800
400 kW, 800 kWh

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