Mira S 100 - 1200

Product Specification:

mira s 100 is an independent and self-sufficient solar light for professional exterior lighting systems. It is equipped with a highly modern LED- and photovoltaic-technology. The hei solar lightâ„¢ mira s 100 provides a lengthwise aligned light distribution, which is perfect to suit the requirements of bicycle paths and pavements. Due to the unique energy management system of hei solar lightâ„¢, mira s 100 ensures operating reliability under all weather conditions and is also suitable for locations with moderate insolation.

mira s 100 is available with 12 or 18 high-efficiency LEDs and the following additional options:
  • Motion detector for customer-specific light distribution
  • Part-solar, hybrid version for locations with poor lighting conditions
  • Remote maintenance and remote control (from 2011)

4.65 m
12 integrated High-efficiency LEDs
Max. Power:
12 Watt
Max. Luminous flux:
1 200 Lumen
HEI Power Tube:
33 pcs 100Wp Silicon-solar cells
2 V / 32 Ah (pole-mounted, standard) 12 V / 30 Ah
(Underground enclosure, optional) lead-acid battery

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